Region Winner Announced!

Since its birth in the late 70s, B-Boying has been announced dead several times, but it's still alive and kicking-very much so! Today a vibrant and well connected B-Boy scene exists worldwide.

One of the most important B-Boy competitions is the Red Bull BC One, where 16 of the world's best B-Boys meet to compete and to determine in a 1-on-1 knock-out-battle who is "The One."

Extraordinary artistic skills, an outstanding character, and a good reputation in the community are the success formula to get selected as a dancer for the Red Bull BC One. The challenge lies in finding influential dancers from all continents ready to set new standards and show state of the art breaking.

B-Boy battles have their roots in 1-on-1 competitions. During the past 15 years these 1-on-1 battles have been pushed to the background as crew competitions became more popular at the big events. Red Bull's objective was to go back to the roots and show B-Boying in the most spectacular and powerful way.

The first Red Bull BC One was hosted in 2004 in Switzerland. Since then, the annual competition has moved from Germany to Brazil, South Africa, France, USA, Japan, Russia, with last year's event being held in Seoul, Korea.

In 2014, the World Finals will move to Paris. Around 60 national Cyphers, leading up to 6 regional finals will help to determine the 16 B-Boys to compete for the legendary belt this year.

The Red Bull BC One title remains the most coveted prize in B-Boying. The same is sure to be said for Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin', so get ready to get down!