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Make a Great Video

In Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin', showmanship is the name of the game. Your dance moves should definitely impress, but it's also important that your originality shines through in the video you submit. That doesn't mean you have to hire a professional camera crew, though. A little creativity and hard work-combined with the tips and resources in this section-will give you everything you need to make an awesome video.

When you're finished making your video, you can upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, and then submit your video link to complete your entry. You can also use #fingerbreakin to join the Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin' conversation.


Your shoe kit doubles as the performance stage. If you pull out the insert, flip it upside down and place it back in the box, it converts into a stage. The open lid of the box will serve as the backdrop (note: you may need to prop the lid against a wall or other solid object to keep it upright).

A stage with a crowd in the background is the default scene, but other scenes are included in the box. The adhesive-backed backdrops and stages let you set the perfect scene for your video. Remember, though, you're welcome to have fun with it and create custom props that make your stage extra cool. There aren't a lot of restrictions, so think outside the box-literally. When it comes to Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin', the sky is the limit!

You can download the backdrop and stage kit here to print on your own.

Download the Backdrop and Stage Kit


When it comes to lighting the stage while making your video, it's important to avoid extremes-not too harsh or too dark. A soft white light is probably going to be the easiest. You can experiment with different colors, shadows and light positioning to add to the creativity, but make sure your stage is well lit. Any camera, especially if you're using the camera on your phone, will perform best in more light than less. Also, when setting up your lighting, make sure it is positioned so that you won't block the light source while performing.


Be sure to shoot your video in a landscape (horizontal) orientation. A vertical video will limit your range and work against the horizontal setup of the stage. And unless you're doing it for creative purposes, keep your performance in focus as much as possible. Every lens, including a cellphone, has a minimum focus distance. Build in extra space to account for the dance movement.

You'll probably want to position the camera directly in front of the stage for a straight-on shot. This will give the best overall view of your performance. If you have video editing experience, however, you may want to include different angles and positions to edit into your video. This is largely dependent on your video editing skill level, though…don't overcomplicate it for yourself.

A steady camera is definitely best. Use a stand (whether it's professional or homemade) to keep the camera still. If your camera is being hand-held when you shoot your video, you won't be happy with the results.


You basically have two options when it comes to the music in your video: add it during editing or include it when shooting video.

The first option is to add the track to your video in the editing phase. This will give you the best sound quality, but there's an important question to ask yourself: Do I have the editing skills to do this?

If the answer is "no" it's ok-that's where the second option comes in. If you're shooting on a basic video camera or phone, you can always include the music in the recording of the video itself using the built-in microphone. When you do this, experiment with different speakers, volume and sound levels and distance from the music source to the microphone to achieve the ideal sound in the video. It will be critical that all other sounds are kept to an absolute minimum so you don't diminish the overall quality of the video you submit.

Music Downloads

Alpha Team Breakmix

DJ Tee

Hit the Floor

DJ Tee

Beat de Ouf

DJ Marrrtin

Funky Bijou Anthem

Funky Bijou

Alpha Team

DJ Tee

Chicano Break

DJ Tee

Troopers Part 1

DJ Tee


DJ Tee


DJ Tee

Drums Expression



DJ Tee


DJ Tee


You're not required to do any editing to your video, but you're welcome to if you have the ability to do it. You could do multiple takes and cut to a close-up of a move or do a cool double take that enhances your final video-anything goes. It's important, though, that you keep the video's focus on your dance moves…it's the performance that matters the most. If you submit a video with crazy graphics and a ridiculous amount of cuts, you won't be doing yourself any favors.