Region Winner Announced!

What is Fingerbreakin'?

Fame is in Your Hands

Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin' is a competition that features the best fingerbreakin' from around the world. This is your chance to learn a new skill, achieve international fame and win a trip to the BC One World Finals in Paris, France.

While B-Boying has been an established part of cultures worldwide for decades, fingerbreakin' is a new phenomenon. Only a handful of people have realized their fingerbreakin' talent and put it on display, but Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin' is changing that!

How Does it Work?


Anyone who wants to participate in Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin' must register to compete. You'll receive a kit that includes everything you need to make a short dance video showcasing your fingerbreakin' skills, creativity and originality.


Even if you're not a seasoned fingerbreakin' pro, you soon will be! You'll have access to the tricktionary-a how-to video library of moves-and music tracks from Red Bull BC One. You'll have fun learning new moves and seeing how far your talent will take you!


Once you've perfected a routine of dance moves and tailored your stage to be the ideal setting, you'll create an approximately one-minute video that puts it all together. Your creativity and energy should run wild, so don't hold back!

You'll submit a link to your video for review by the Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin' Committee. We will be judging you on your Fingerbreakin' skills, style and creativity. We would like to see how you enhance your performance by throwing in a variety of moves from the tricktionary, easy or difficult, creating your own unique moves and sequences, keeping to the beat and making it all look slick with your own style. And, don't forget that appearances matter too - whether it is your stage or some cool props that plan to add to your video, its all in your hands.


The best videos in each country will qualify for the Region Finals, a head-to-head tournament based on public voting. The video with the most votes in each matchup will move on to the next round until only one hand is left standing-the Region Champion!


The judges for Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin' include industry professionals, Red Bull BC One All Star Lilou and Lilach Chen, the inspiration behind Red Bull BC One Fingerbreakin'.

More About Lilach...

The idea of fingerbreakin' came to Lilach at age 16. As both a former B-girl and pianist, she one day started doing dance moves with her fingers in her home country of Israel. She filmed some moves for her friends and family, but when the video went viral online, she quickly became an internet sensation. Lilach's YouTube channel now has more than 23,000 subscribers and 31 million views. Her talented fingers have appeared in commercials and videos around the world, and she was even invited to a Google conference on popular YouTube videos.

Lilach continues to showcase her talent, filming from her home in Holon. She's also taking video editing classes to learn how to take her skills to an even more professional level.

More about Lilou...

One of the most popular B-Boys in the world, Lilou has an extensive history with Red Bull BC One. He won the competition in 2005 in Berlin-his first year competing. He won again in 2009 in New York to become the first B-boy to win Red Bull BC One twice. Lilou has a unique dance style and engaging stage presence, being vicious, but humorous as well. He perfectly combines the new style of "flexible moves" with classic footwork and power moves. His signature move is a variation of the air-chair.


The Best of the Best

Region Champions from each participating country will earn a trip to the Red Bull BC One World Finals in Paris, where they'll see some of the world's best breakdancers compete.